Skysole Boys Rugged Vlelcro Closure Slide Sandals

SKU: 46123AZ-B-Black B-11/12
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These Skysole boys rugged slide sandals make walking and playing even more fun!

Sturdy and durable, the slide open style makes it easy for kids to wear them and take them off whenever they need to, helping them become more independent and dress themselves. 

Comfortable to wear, this slide sandal comes with an embossed footbed, helping them play and enjoy themselves at the beach, by the pool, in the backyard, or at the waterpark. 

The molded injected outsole keeps the sandal firm on the ground while walking or running.


46123AG-Lime-11/12 752229106802
46123AG-Lime-13/1 752229106819
46123AG-Lime-2/3 752229106826
46123AG-Red-11/12 752229106772
46123AG-Red-13/1 752229106789
46123AG-Red-2/3 752229106796
46123AG-Royal-11/12 752229106741
46123AG-Royal-13/1 752229106758
46123AG-Royal-2/3 752229106765
46123AZ-B-Black B-11/12 752229117754
46123AZ-B-Black B-13/1 752229117761
46123AZ-B-Black B-2/3 752229117778
46123AZ-B-Red B-11/12 752229117723
46123AZ-B-Red B-13/1 752229117730
46123AZ-B-Red B-2/3 752229117747
46123AZ-B-Royal B-11/12 752229117693
46123AZ-B-Royal B-13/1 752229117709
46123AZ-B-Royal B-2/3 752229117716
46123AZ-C-Orange C-11/12 752229118072
46123AZ-C-Orange C-13/1 752229118089
46123AZ-C-Orange C-2/3 752229118096
46123AZ-C-Red C-11/12 752229118010
46123AZ-C-Red C-13/1 752229118027
46123AZ-C-Red C-2/3 752229120112
46123AZ-C-White C-11/12 752229117983
46123AZ-C-White C-13/1 752229117990
46123AZ-C-White C-2/3 752229118003
46123AZ-C-Yellow C-11/12 752229118041
46123AZ-C-Yellow C-13/1 752229118058
46123AZ-C-Yellow C-2/3 752229120129
46123AZ-Silver AZ-11/12 752229117938
46123AZ-Silver AZ-13/1 752229117945
46123AZ-Silver AZ-2/3 752229117952
46123AZ-White AZ-11/12 752229117815
46123AZ-White AZ-13/1 752229117822
46123AZ-White AZ-2/3 752229117839