BARE HUGS Infant Boys 10 Pk All Weather Multicolored Socks

SKU: 90418BH-12-24
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A must-have for all the parents, these all-weather low cut socks are adorable and stylish for your most precious ones.

Designed for their cute little toes and sensitive skin, these BARE HUGS socks are made comfy and breathable so it lies gently against your baby's skin. Infants tend to get sick quickly as they are quite delicate and vulnerable to cold and other infections, but if you keep their feet covered, chances of them catching cold gets too less. These 10-pack infant socks does exactly that for your baby. Each pair provides warmth during chilly seasons and enough insulation on warmer days, making it an all-weather garment. Available in assorted patterns, colors, and styles, these pairs will suit your baby's wardrobe.